August 20, 2023

Crafting, Cancer, and Chronic Illness?

I’m a dreamer, not a crafter. I’ve got material for four baby blankets floating around my apartment. But, these newborns may be in middle school before they get their blankies from Aunt Kairol. (Some of it is nifty Amy Butler fabric to boot.)

If you have crafty visions AND the follow through to match, or if your friends and family are itching to do something productive for you while you are down and out with cancer or other chronic illnesses, feast your eyes upon these free pattern downloads for crafty patient projects:

*  Want a leopard print, tangerine silk, pink taffeta, or camo hospital gown? Try this pattern from Lazy Girl Designs.

*  If you are tired of visitors spying your pee-bag, this is an extremely simple pattern for a catheter bag cover.

*  In four steps you can crank out a polar fleece chemo cap .

*  For more great projects check out Sewing Stuff.

Purchasing fabric can really add up. If you are penny pinching, buy discounted pillow cases at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, cut up your favorite shirt that has a small stain on the front, or dig around discount bins at JoAnn and Hancock’s Fabrics.

Are you a crafter? What kinds of projects do you make? Have cancer boredom or the pain of healthcare costs impacted your craftiness?

For more tips on living young with cancer and chronic illness, check out Everything Changes: The Insider’s Guide to Cancer in Your 20s and 30s

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