September 15, 2023

Beating Gustav Klimt’s Kiss

Gushing or weeping. I know tons of people who get pretty sentimental about cancer, spilling their tears over telethon speeches or Lance.  Me?  Give me a cheesy rock ballad sung by guys with wretched voices, set it to the choreography of slow movement animation, and my tears start to well.

I’m so terribly uncool that I have never heard of My Chemical Romance or their song Cancer. And the kick ass video that Danielle Baxter made has already been up on You Tube for over a year. But I just discovered it and am a bit speechless.   Danielle, despite your whole disclaimer that “if we think you made this video to be a ‘real’ portrayal of cancer, then we are sadly mistaken’, I say you nailed it.  Thanks to you and MCR for getting that cancer isn’t just for seniors and that even us young and pretty-darling young adult cancer patients can die from it too.   And lastly Danielle, I think you’ve got Gustav Klimt beat with that kiss.

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