September 27, 2023

Cabin Fever Reliever #2: Blogging Cancer Style

Homeopathic remedies. The theory is that an intensified dose of whatever is ailing you will rally your body to fight against it. So, if the walls are closing in on you with cancer cabin fever, one way of fighting it is to dive even deeper into your own little secluded existence. And what better, more addictive method of hibernating in your cancer microcosm than starting a blog? Check out these three cancer friendly ways to start blogging. was started by young adult cancer patient Marcia Donziger. This free service allows cancer patients to start their own personal websites. In addition to blogging about your experiences, you can also create links to information about your cancer type so friends and family can easily educate themselves, setup a calendar so people can sign up to help you with your nuts and bolts needs, and link to inspirational and humorous messages. provides a similar free service where patients can set up their own web pages. However, care pages has more of a social networking component to it, with articles, message boards, blogs, and best of all a gift registry linked to cancer books and other items on Amazon. Yes it’s rude to include a gift registry with your bridal shower invite, but what about with your cancer blog? I’ll let you be the judge. is an incredible social networking site for twenty and thirty-something cancer patients. It is free, allows you to post photos, start a blog, join groups, and comment in forums. My Life Line and Care Pages encourage friends and family to read your blog or web page, while planet cancer is for members only, encouraging a readership of almost exclusively young adult cancer patients.

Have you ever blogged about your cancer on one of these sites, Blogger, or some other blog platform? How does blogging change your cancer experience?

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