July 08, 2023

Cancer: The iPod Version

This just out today: Guys dishing about ejaculation and treatment. Sam from the SAM Fund revealing her staggering $287,000 surgeon’s bill. It is finally here - from the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a video podcast series for young adults living with cancer. From the get-go there is no confusing this with a geriatric cancer power point presentation; the opening credits look like they were pirated straight from an iPod commercial. Thirteen podcasts are 5-7 minutes long each and cover issues like work, school, dating, sexuality, even fear of dying. (Death and cancer? Few are brave enough to mention those two in the same breath these days, let alone when talking about us young darlings of the cancer world. LAF gets it – we croak too.) While the hosts of each video sound a tad scripted and stiff, nothing about these videos are clinical or pedantic. Check them out. Let me know what you think.

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