February 03, 2023

Levoxyl Shortage - February 2014 Update


UPDATE: As of 2/7/2014, a commenter on my blog states they were able to obtain 100 mcg pills of levoxyl at their Rite Aid pharmacy in Pittsburgh.  They placed the order in the morning and pharmacist had them ready at the end of the day.  Great news.  Scroll down to see the full comment and please leave your comments below once you have obtained levoxyl  in your area too.


Rumors are flying that levoxyl is now back on the shelves and available for patient purchase.  I want to clarify this speculation and provide the most accurate and up to date information that I am able to find.  Here is the information I was able to gather in conversation with a Pfizer representative on January 31, 2014:

* Pfizer states that levoxyl will resume manufacturing during the first quarter of 2014, meaning January, February, or March of 2014.

* Pfizer has not yet resumed production of levoxyl.

* When Pfizer resumes production of levoxyl, there is some lag time between the production and when it becomes available in a pharmacy.  It must first go through the packaging and resale process.

* Wholesalers must stock up on the product first before shipping it to pharmacies.  Distribution is the role of the wholesalers and not of Pfizer, who is the manufacturer.  Therefore, for example, Pfizer does not know whether CVS vs Walgreens will have the product first.  However, the representative I spoke with said, “There should be no shortage issues once it is readily available.”

* Action Item: Follow this link to the levoxyl website.  You can enter your name and email address where it says: “If you would like us to notify you once we resolve this supply issue, please enter your contact information below.”

I know this shortage has impacted thyroid cancer patients, as well as others with Graves’ disease, Hasimoto’s disease, and other hypothyroid and hyperthyroid conditions.  Hang tight and I will continue to update you on any information I can find.  Also, please leave comments below if you have any additional information pertaining to the manufacturing of levoxyl.

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  1. Courtney Says:
    February 3rd, 2014 at 4:19 PM

    Thank you so very much for the update! I just found out I have been hypo for months on Synthroid after having been stable on the same dose of Levoxyl for five years. My endo at UCLA told me they are all the same and there was no reason for me to have a TSH test after the switch. Then life happened and I dismissed all of the symptoms that were starting to creep up on me. Just curious, do we know if they have changed the formulation at all?

  2. Kairol Rosenthal
    Kairol Rosenthal Says:
    February 7th, 2014 at 8:25 PM

    Fantastic news, I just read the following comment on another post on my blog and thought I would repost it here: “*****I was able to get levoxyl today 2/7/2023 at my local Rite Aid pharmacy here in Pittsburgh PA, I checked with all other pharmacy location and they keep telling me is not available, even at my local pharmacy they told me no is not available after I spoke with my pharmacist he ordered today for me this morning and I was able to pick up afternoon. I have 100 mcg Levoxyl is same one that I used for years, no new filler or no change is same levoxyl that used for years. I wanted to share this news with everyone I was so excited today, as I was very sick for 8 months without levoxyl . Here if anyone would like to check you can call my Rite Aid Pharmacy and
    order (412)-388-1601″

  3. Anonymous Says:
    February 18th, 2014 at 7:23 PM

    Picked up Levoxyl this morning at CVS in RI.
    Pharmacist had to order it.

  4. anonymous Says:
    February 25th, 2014 at 7:54 PM

    I m already using new levoxyl since 2/7 2014 and after only couple weeks I feel so much better is so great I getting my life back , for past 8 month I was very sick and no other mediciation could control my tyroid my tsh went high as tsh 100, than went down to 60 and stay like that for past 6 month. With levoxyl coming back after couple weeks my blood work is great my tsh is now great only 2.5 and I feel so much better , returned to full time work and returned to gym

  5. kat Says:
    April 28th, 2014 at 11:25 AM

    Dear Sue…and everyone…This is my eleventh week of being on the returned levoxyl. I am feeling so much better. I was hypo..8.0 and two week ago, after being on the medicine for two months got to normal range of 3.3. Hope by June to be back to 1.4…where I once was. Sue, I received your e-mail and the other blog is up and working. However, this is the site where Bonnie and I first connected. Kairol is a beautiful and a kind and caring individual. Good luck to everyone on the new levoxyl. It just takes time.

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