August 25, 2023

Survey says…S-E-X!

Doing the nasty is not something that oncology doctors and nurses like to talk about. They are happier sticking to white blood cells counts and pet scans. Are most embarrassed to talk about sex? Yes. Are most grossly undereducated about cancer and sex? Yes. Do many docs think you should simply be happy to be alive and sex is just the metaphoric cherry on the top? Yes. Well…. Screw that.

I have recently begun a dialogue with Paul Joannides, author of the best selling Guide To Getting It On. For the next edition of his book he is expanding a chapter about cancer and sex. Thank god someone cares! If you are looking for a completely anonymous way to vent about your cancer sex life, or maybe lack thereof, participate in his online Cancer and Sex Survey. In addition to dishing about your intimate life, you will be helping to smash the sex and cancer taboo and educate patients who follow in your footsteps. Have fun!

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  1. Sandra Joseph Says:
    August 27th, 2008 at 11:16 AM

    Oh, Kairol- if you want to talk to another AMAZING sexpert, you must contact Dr. Lana Holstein. She and her husband, Dr. David Taylor, run the Partners, Pleasure, and Passion workshops at Miraval Spa near Tucson. She is a survivor and one of the most respected sex therapists in the world. She doesn’t even let a colostomy bag interfere with her big O’s! I’m sure you can reach her by contacting Miraval. She was talking about doing some workshops specifically about sex and cancer. Not sure if she has begun them yet. I know she would be a fascinating interview for you.
    Sandra Joseph

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