October 14, 2023

Times Flies Tip #2: Out-Of-Body Experiences

“My body feels like a defective unit on the assembly line,” said Wafa’a Badriyeh, a 24 year old lymphoma patient who I interviewed in my book Everything Changes. I concur. Oddly enough, one of my best remedies for feeling subhuman is to focus on bodies that are superhuman. Time flies when I dive into the body-mind escape of becoming one with dance videos on you tube. If you have wi-fi in the hospital or at chemo, remember to bookmark these!

16 b-boys from 5 continents come to Berlin to battle to the max in the Red Bull Breakdance Competition.

Forget Sex and the City Baryshinikov, this one is far more stunning. The opening scene from White Nights: love, waiting, loneliness, fear, death - what says cancer better than that?

You get a prize if you can name who sang the original version of this song in La la la Human Steps’ Amelia. Music, cinematography, and dancing are all exquisite.

Which is your favorite?
Do you have any other great body-mind escape videos to add to my list?
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