November 20, 2023

Wanna Be In Pictures?

As I clacked away at my computer today, photographer Andrew Young set up big, umbrella-like lighting devices and shot pictures of me at work. He is creating a book of photos of and essays by cancer survivors. It was about as close as I will ever get to pretending that I am on America’s Next Top Model. If this sounds like fun to you, meet Bill Aron.

Bill is 67. He is a prostate cancer survivor and another professional photographer seeking survivors to shoot for his new book Beyond Cancer. Bill had a disease that not many young adults have, and is writing a book that is not specifically about young adults. So why am I sharing with you his request?

Because he actually cares about young adult cancer and not many people do. Not many books, organizations, or cancer services take a step back, look at the big picture and say, “Gee, there’s a black hole were 20 and 30-something cancer patients should be represented.” I love that Bill gets it. I love that he wants us in his book. If you are interested in participating, contact Bill ( He lives in Southern California, but will be traveling as part of the project.

This week is Everybody Wants You Week on my blog. If you are a patient, what does it feel like to have people soliciting you for studies, interviews, photographs? Does it feel like a great opportunity to shine, to use your experiences for good? Or, are you tired of feeling like a creature on display?

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  1. Becca Says:
    December 1st, 2008 at 4:09 PM

    uugghh. I battle with this back and forth.
    I’ve even posted my own blog about it awhile back:
    Sometimes I just despise even talking about cancer. Although naturally I know that most people who talk to me these days want to know whats going on.
    But I have found myself getting snippy and curt with people when they ask me “so whats going on, when’s surgery?”
    I have to catch myself.
    But in the same vein I enjoy being able to help someone out who is feeling the same isolated feelings I was initially (and still do).

    So, its a toss up for me. A love/hate relationship you could say.

    (love the blog, btw)

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