December 25, 2023

What I Love About Christmas

Christmas Cranking
While you all are out there eating your pineapple roasted ham, slicing your turkey, and lighting the tree (or lighting your menorah and indulging in Chinese food and a movie) I’ve sat at my desk and gotten five uninterrupted hours of writing done. No phone calls, no emails, no voicemails. That is what I call a Christmas miracle.

Christmas Lounging
On another Christmas note: a reminder to be good to yourselves. I’ve gotten too many emails in the past few days from young adult cancer patients who are in treatment, tired, nauseated, and fatigued and are worried about how they are going to make it through the long day, and long weekend of festivities and family visits.

Give yourself a break. You have a great reason to stay upstairs in your room, leave the party early, or not go at all. And if your friends and family don’t get it, do they really need to? Taking care of yourself is number one no matter what day of the year it is.

Hope you are all having a peaceful (or productive) day!

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