February 13, 2023

How to obtain levoxyl: Success Stories


I wanted to share a success story from a commenter on my blog.  Bonnie has posted a lot throughout the Pfizer levoxyl shortage.  I am happy for her that she was able to obtain her levoxyl thyroid medication and wanted to share the comment she left in case it can be of help to you too:


“I was able to get my Levoxyl about a week ago.  I called the customer service number at Levoxyl.com after seeing that all strengths were available on the FDA drug shortage website.  I wanted to verify the March 3rd date and I was told Levoxyl was finished being produced and was shipped out to the wholesalers.  Your pharmacy needs to call their wholesaler to order your Levoxyl.  Last Monday my pharmacy couldn’t order it at first because their wholesaler didn’t have it, then on Wed. of last week I checked with my pharmacy and they could order it and I had it the next day.”


Navigating the red tape of pharma, hospitals, and insurance companies is a big part of being a pro-active patient. For more pro-active patient success stories, please click here to check out the print or electronic version of my book Everything Changes.

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